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Based in Calabasas, CA Health-E-tips' products and programs are helping over 10 million people make health a daily habit.

Health-E-tips Corporate Program and JAM School Program are available free to every school and employer, worldwide. The JAM School Foundation provides wellness resources directly to schools.

The HET Corporate Program delivers wellness tools that employees can use to make health a part of their workday. Employers enrolled in the HET Corporate Program receive the weekly Movin' Minute™ product and the Health-E-tips Monthly Newsletter. Participating organizations engage employees in becoming a JAM School Ambassador to support JAM-related initiatives at work and in their community, including the "Donate 2 Fight Obesity" campaign. Learn More >

The JAM School Program brings physical activity and health education directly into the classroom and is designed to teach kids healthier lifestyle habits. Schools enrolled in JAM have access to FREE resources including the JAM physical activity routines and monthly newsletters. These resources can be used around school and made available to each family. Learn More >

The JAM School Foundation mission is to provide wellness resources to schools that will assist them in their pursuit of student wellness and in the fight against childhood obesity. Learn More >

Our Guiding Principles and Behaviors

Have balance. Both a balanced diet and a balanced exercise routine will enhance the way you live your life.

Have patience. Neither your mind nor your body is designed to change overnight.

Everything in moderation. You should be able to have the control and the discipline to enjoy all kinds of foods.

Exercise is being active. You don’t have to run on a treadmill to be active! There are many ways to get exercise just in your daily activities.

Continue to educate yourself. Everyone is different. By continuing to read and learn about nutrition and fitness, you will naturally find a lifestyle that works for you.


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