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Corporate Social Responsibility

Health-E-tips, Inc. is a global company who is committed to improving the health in the young and the old.  

It is no secret that there is a nationwide concern about the staggering statistics surrounding obesity, particularly childhood obesity, an epidemic plaguing our country.  
Because our children spend one-third of their time at school, schools have a unique and critical role in helping address and prevent the generations to come from falling victim to these same statistics.  As such, state and national mandates are requiring schools to implement health education and to add more physical activity to our children’s school day.
To assist schools in helping kids reach their maximum potential provided optimal health, Health‑E-tips, Inc. launched The JAM School Program as its corporate social responsibility effort.  JAM publishes simple healthier daily habit ideas and provides weekly simple, fun physical activity routines that are authored by us, a jam-participating school (schools LOVE authoring their own) or a professional athlete.  To our delight, people of all ages and abilities can participate in the exercise routines.  JAM is a free program to schools that has now caught on in and around the corporate world, too. 
JAM is backed and being promoted by The American Heart Association, The National PTA, Steps to a HealthierUS, The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (the largest group providing physical activity resources to teachers across America) and other non-profit groups and state government offices.  JAM is also an approved product for The Clinton Foundation’s Alliance for A Healthier Generation, which required approval from both the American Heart Association and Centers for Disease Control.  
Because of its simplicity and ease of adoption, school systems embrace JAM.  JAM has landed in over 20,000 schools, reaching 9+ million kids and adds an average of 250,000 kids to new enrollment each month.  JAM is unprecedented in filling a crucial niche in schools and enjoys a successful track record while helping schools in the fight against childhood obesity.  
JAM is on the move to reach a targeted 12 million kids in 25,000 schools by 2013.
The mission of this program is critical to the well-being of kids, nationwide, and deserves significant focus and support.  In turn, the benefits and rewards for our children and ourselves, coupled with the economic impact to society, will be innumerable.

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