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about jam school program

The JAM School Program brings physical activity and health education into the classroom. JAM is designed to teach kids (and adults) healthier lifestyle habits. JAM is a free wellness resource for schools.

JAM resources offer a weekly one-minute exercise routine called JAMmin’ Minute®, an athlete-featured more extensive routine called JAM Blast®, and a monthly health newsletter called Health-E-tips.

jam school program resources

JAMmin’ Minute®: A one-minute fitness routine that includes 5 very simple exercises that kids (and staff) can do while either standing at their desk or sitting in a chair. Included on this weekly communication is a health tip, something simple that teaches a healthier habit. These routines are authored by us and we invite schools to submit routines to us!

JAM Blast®: Athlete-delivered healthy living and eating messages with a coordinating 3-5 minute exercise routine that focuses on that athlete’s idea about what is most important for peak performance. Fun facts about each athlete are included.

Monthly Newsletter: A one-page health newsletter packed full of nutrition, fitness and health tips designed for school-age kids and their parents, and school personnel.

Benefits and Uses

  • Wellness (daily physical activity and health education) for students and staff
  • Add them to classroom curriculum, to assemblies, to the morning announcements over the PA system
  • PE teachers can use these as a warm up or combine several routines for a complete program
  • Students can lead each other as “JAM Leader” or “Drill Sergeant” of the week
  • Set up some friendly competition in the classroom, among staff, or district-wide
  • Send home with the kids, publish on your intranet and in the school newspaper, copy and post, video record classes and load to school website
  • Tool for use to create wellness/fitness ambassadors at school
  • Emphasis on establishing daily habits
  • Health education that is effective and efficient
  • Improves self-esteem and concentration
  • Everyone can participate, even the physically challenged
  • Fun, quick and effective
jam works like this

Each week of the school year, teachers and administrators receive an e-communication.
This communication will include:

  • a link to our private JAM Library webpage that houses our JAM routines
  • monthly newsletters
  • JAM Good Ideas & JAM Good News
  • success stories from schools
  • highlights of school-authored routines
  • links to kids doing the JAM routines
why it works

  1. It is FUN!!!
  2. Everyone is doing the same thing at the same time.
  3. Creates a sense of community and belonging.
  4. There is no judgment or competition.
  5. The JAM routines help improve strength, conditioning and coordination.
  6. Brain breaks - Improves performance through more energy & refocusing.
  7. Adds more physical activity minutes to your day.
who is behind us

The JAM School Program is promoted and backed by leading groups such as Let’s Move!, the American Heart Association, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, NFL Play 60, USDA, National PTA, NBA FIT, Discovery Education’s Energy Balance 101, and NASPE (the largest group providing physical activity resources to teachers across America) plus hundreds of state and local groups and organizations with health and wellness initiatives.

Keeping physical activity a favorite part of our children's
school day is our priority

You can support our efforts by making a donation to our JAM School Foundation.
Every penny of every dollar goes toward providing FREE health and wellness
resources to schools.

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Reaching millions of kids across all 50 states and abroad, JAM is on the move to ensure every child has the opportunity to reach their maximum potential given optimal health.

JAM Good Press

obama family

First Lady Michelle Obama:


Norris, NE superintendent named "Champion of Health and Fitness" by Fitness magazine and credits
JAMmin' Minute®.
Click to see full story.

A RWJF study gives JAMmin' Minute® the thumbs up.
Click here to see case study.

Education World® says it all. Click here to read what people all around the country are saying about JAM.


Our company, Health-E-tips, Inc., is passionate about helping kids and making an impact on combating childhood obesity.

JAMmin' Good Ideas

fitness night at fairhill elementary

Fitness Night at Fairhill Elementary, VA with
JAMmin’ Minute®
Click here to see video.


Georgi Roberts, Ft. Worth SD says, "Tardiness has gone down 30% because we jam right after the first bell. Kids don't want to miss our daily district-wide session together."

Roberta Sipe, National PE teacher of the year, says, “The JAMmin Minute is one of the best tools I have seen in my teaching career. Our kids love jammin’. They also love designing routines and authoring them for all the JAM schools. And, we had over 6,000 people, the kids, parents and teachers all doing a jam routine together!”

Cindy Connellan believes, “This is something that WILL create habits in kids that will last a lifetime.”

Cameron Guelbert finds many ways to use JAMmin' Minute® at his school including, "Our principal has his own personalized JAM Routine on video so the kids can watch and follow along."


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