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"I want to congratulate you on the excellent product you have created in the form of Health-E-tips.  This is the most readable and easy to apply health information tool that I have come across in the 17 years that I have been doing worksite health promotion.  As the director of our employee wellness program, I have found the tip invaluable in promoting better nutrition and improved fitness.  Just this fall our company was named Birmingham’s Best of the Best Large Companies for Working Families and this email service was one of the many benefits noted in our review."

Michele Pawlik, R.N.
Director Wellness and Work/Life Services

"Black & Decker employees find the monthly Health-E-tips educational, informative and easy to apply to every day life. We find them to be very worthwhile. Each month when we send out the E-tip to our employees we always receive a half dozen or so very positive e-mails. We have yet to receive a complaint - which is rare in our business.  I wish all of the communications from our external partners were as positively received as the Health E-tips.  I know if we were to stop sending this, we would hear complaints. Keep up the good work. This is one of many tools we have been using to help drive health consumerism with our employees. The result is flat health care costs over the last 5 years.  Amazing results."

Raymond J. Brusca, J.D.
The Black & Decker Corporation
Vice President of Benefits
Black & Decker Healthcare Management, Inc.
President & Chairman


"The tips are great.   They are simple, reasonable and we like them because they are actionable. We have gotten some really good feedback. "

Timothy Davidson
CIGNA Corporation


"Thank you. Our employees really enjoy receiving the tips each Monday.  We (HR) get a kick out of some of their reactions to some of them. "

Angelina Tredway, HR Manager
Plains All American Limited Partnership


“I just cannot tell you how valuable we feel Health-E-tips is to us as we pursue wellness with and for our employees.  Keep them coming!!!!!”

Carole Owen, Director of HR
Bluegrass Family Health


"Hi Patti!

We are still using your content for our newsletter! Your tips are always the most read section of our newsletter!!! An organization shouldn't bother to send out a newsletter if they're not going to include your tips. :)"

Warmest regards,
Courtney McKenzie
PayScale, Inc.


"Thank you for this amazing resource!"
"I love the JAMminí Minutes® and the new additions of the NFL players."
Julie Dunnaway
Manchester Park
Olathe, KS


"We use the program with about 600 students. I even have the office staff doing the seated routines!  The teachers and students really enjoy the activities and are so thankful for this great resource."

Thanks. It is great!

Carolyn Whitehead
PE Teacher Vancleave, MS

"Thank you for this great program.  Students are more focused after taking time out with the exercises mid-day. Also, we are using the Jammin' Minutes® school-wide to help bridge the gap between the number of minutes provided by our PE teacher and the number needed to meet state education regulations.  Keep these coming, we are counting on them every week!"

Jeanne Brown
Soule Road Elem
Liverpool, New York

"By participating in Jam we have noticed enhancements in student’s health:  airbourne viruses are down, academic performance is up, attendance and classroom behavior is better this year."

Rodney Wayne
Gwinnett County

"We are JAMMIN in Florida, still.  We love the program, the format is short and easy for students to understand.  My kids lead each other and I get to exercise, too!  I have notice their balance is increasing. Also, I hang Nutrition tips up in the restroom, that way I know the students read it."

Jacqueline Sadler
Volusia School District

"This has helped us solve our daily recess scheduling problem! (Florida mandates the number of PE minutes now.)  It provides an exercise activity that teachers can implement in the classroom.  I copy the flyers and present them in the teachers’ mailboxes each week.  They love the activities and appreciate that the flyer is perfect documentation for their plan books. Thanks again for the great information!"

Cheryl Whiting
Wellness Champion at Golden Grove Elementary
Palm Beach, FL

"We are JAMMIN here.  My students love doing the JAMmin’ minutes®.  I love that the exercises come directly to me, that I don’t have to remember to get it off a website.  We use the JAMMIN Minutes® at the beginning of the change of classes to help get the kids more motivated or calmed down.  The kids are always smiling and more willing to participate in their regular class work.  The kids are the ones who will remind me that we need to do it.  I also like that my students who are reluctant movers, have simple exercises to do."

Gina McLaughlin-Worms
Wauburn Elementary

"Thanks for this program!   This has been a wonderful way to begin our morning!  Those last few body squiggles get out of the way and we’re ready to get right to academics.  A leader each day takes us through the Jammin’ routine.  It’s become such an integral part of our opening routine, that if the leader neglects to start it, the class is sure to remind him/her."

Barbara Luckenbill
Saint Charles District 303

"JAM has been a great addition for our district.  It has been easy to implement into the classroom since it comes directly to us, the exercises are already put together, I love the variety of ideas, and the kids love doing it.  I have found that he students are more awake and after we do them.  It seems to pump them (and me, too) up so I use these throughout the day when I see the energy level dropping. It works.  Thanks for this great program. Can we get it more than once a week?"

Uelze Dawn
Cedar Rapids School District

“We are Jammin’ in Georgia. Our 3-year Childhood Physical Activity and Nutrition grant initiative is underway. We appreciate your weekly JAM’s and many teachers have expressed positive comments.”

Carmel Cowart
Northwest Georgia Healthcare Partnership
School Wellness Coordinator


“Your Just a Minute School Program is outstanding. Thank you for creating and funding this opportunity for our schools and the children they serve.”

Michele Pawlik
Director Wellness and Work/Life Services
Protective Life Corporation


“We love the program.”

Jennifer Powers, RN
School Nurse
Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy


“We love it! Teachers are even doing the JAM exercises on break. It is great to see the whole school supporting the obesity problems in America. Keep up the good work.”

Amy Adam
Delphi Community Schools


“Glad to help. I pass on the weekly tips to colleagues in my district and also a collaborative group called the Alliance for a Healthier Generation supported by former President Clinton, the Am. Heart Assoc. and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. All teachers have found the tips useful.”

Robert Sipe
Rosa Parks Elementary


“We use the JAM Minutes® as mini exercise breaks all day and during indoor recess. It helps get kids settled down for the next learning session. Parents like the addition of the newsletter in our school newspaper.”

Dean Downs
Park Terrace Elementary School
Spring Lake, Minnesota


“The kids really like them and even do them on their own.”

Jackie Adelman
Los Angeles Unified School District


“In my classroom, JAM is a daily activity that is not forgotten.  Our JAM leader leads the group in “Just a Minute” of activity. The leader from the previous day serves as time keeper, allowing them to also practice their time skills AND me to move with the children. The children and I love JAM, and it puts the need for physical activity on a daily basis on the forefront of eveyone’s minds.”

Merrilyl Calfee
Brookwood Elementary
Dalton Public Schools


“My staff and I love this program ”

Janice Fenton, Principal
Ward Elementary
Shidler Public Schools


“Keep up the fun workouts! My 5th graders love it, and so do the teachers. ”

Anne Schmitt
Lawndale School District


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