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Prairie Center Elem, Olathe, KS - 4/25/11 Video Demonstration


This GREAT video demonstration coordinates with the 4/25/11 JAMmin' Minute routine authored by Miss Tyrer's 5th grade class at Prairie Center Elementary, Olathe, KS. Thank you to everyone and Lauren Bishop for organizing.

JAMmin Minute - MISD #9
Running Time: 3min 16secs
JAMmin Minute - MISD #52
Running Time: 1min 32secs
Twistin' JAM Dance
Running Time: 3min 24secs
Captain Energy & Friends' Brain Break
Running Time: 3min 10secs
JAMmin' Minute
Running Time: 1min 26secs
The Cooks at North
Running Time: 0min 58secs
Henry Barnard ES JAMs
Running Time: 3min 18secs
JAM Day 2013
Running Time: 2min 59secs
Sea Road, Kennebunk, ME 4th graders are jammin'
Running Time: 1min 21secs
Spanish Version of JAMmin' MInute
Running Time: 1min 17secs
Middle School JAMmin' MInute Routine
Running Time: 1min 17secs
Rockin' Minute
Running Time: 1min 28secs
JAM World Record National Routine
Running Time: 2min 2secs
KABC 7 - Los Angeles 9.26.12
Running Time: 2min 23secs
News in Mesquite ISD, TX
Running Time: 1min 55secs
Li'l Pirates Palm Bay, FL Special Olympic Team
Running Time: 1min 29secs
All Abilities & Wheelchair Routine
Running Time: 1min 29secs
MN in the News for JAM World Record
Running Time: 0min 0secs
Senate is JAMmin' to Better Health
Running Time: 1min 47secs
Hillsboro Elementary - Fleming Schools, KY
Running Time: 1min 58secs
Lupin Hill is JAMmin'
Running Time: 2min 7secs
Fairhill ES, Fairfax, VA - Sets Record
Running Time: 4min 2secs
Prairie Center Elem, Olathe, KS - 4/25/11 Video Demonstration
Running Time: 1min 6secs
Student Advocates at Pleasant Elementary-Marion, OH
Running Time: 0min 0secs
Michelle Obama is jammin with schoolkids
Running Time: 0min 0secs
Sturr-style JAMmin' Minute
Running Time: 1min 44secs
Pleasant Elementary-Marion, OH
Running Time: 4min 13secs
Fairview Elementary - a rip-roaring good time
Running Time: 1min 57secs
Kids As Role Models for Parents
Running Time: 0min 51secs
JAMmin' Minute during School-wide Assembly
Running Time: 2min 27secs
JAMmin' MInute - 3rd graders
Running Time: 1min 39secs
Jam Blast Routine featuring Will Shields
Running Time: 4min 8secs
JAMmin' Routine at Regency Place Elem
Running Time: 2min 25secs
JAMmin' Minute in LA schools
Running Time: 2min 28secs
Health E tips JAM School Program on Fox TV
Running Time: 2min 13secs
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