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Jam Blast Routine featuring Will Shields


Will Shields, Kansas City Chiefs legend, authors his own, personal JAM Blast and launches it at a local school, Regency Place, Olathe, KS. Kids are inspired and motivated to "Live Like an Athlete" when pro athletes deliver healthy living and eating messages! JAM Blast routines are athlete-featured 3-5 minute physical activity routines that schools are using to bring athletes into the classroom (without them physically having to be there) to teach kids the importance of eating healthy and making exercise a part of each day for the rest of their lives.

JAMmin Minute - MISD #9
Running Time: 3min 16secs
JAMmin Minute - MISD #52
Running Time: 1min 32secs
Twistin' JAM Dance
Running Time: 3min 24secs
Captain Energy & Friends' Brain Break
Running Time: 3min 10secs
JAMmin' Minute
Running Time: 1min 26secs
The Cooks at North
Running Time: 0min 58secs
Henry Barnard ES JAMs
Running Time: 3min 18secs
JAM Day 2013
Running Time: 2min 59secs
Sea Road, Kennebunk, ME 4th graders are jammin'
Running Time: 1min 21secs
Spanish Version of JAMmin' MInute
Running Time: 1min 17secs
Middle School JAMmin' MInute Routine
Running Time: 1min 17secs
Rockin' Minute
Running Time: 1min 28secs
JAM World Record National Routine
Running Time: 2min 2secs
KABC 7 - Los Angeles 9.26.12
Running Time: 2min 23secs
News in Mesquite ISD, TX
Running Time: 1min 55secs
Li'l Pirates Palm Bay, FL Special Olympic Team
Running Time: 1min 29secs
All Abilities & Wheelchair Routine
Running Time: 1min 29secs
MN in the News for JAM World Record
Running Time: 0min 0secs
Senate is JAMmin' to Better Health
Running Time: 1min 47secs
Hillsboro Elementary - Fleming Schools, KY
Running Time: 1min 58secs
Lupin Hill is JAMmin'
Running Time: 2min 7secs
Fairhill ES, Fairfax, VA - Sets Record
Running Time: 4min 2secs
Prairie Center Elem, Olathe, KS - 4/25/11 Video Demonstration
Running Time: 1min 6secs
Student Advocates at Pleasant Elementary-Marion, OH
Running Time: 0min 0secs
Michelle Obama is jammin with schoolkids
Running Time: 0min 0secs
Sturr-style JAMmin' Minute
Running Time: 1min 44secs
Pleasant Elementary-Marion, OH
Running Time: 4min 13secs
Fairview Elementary - a rip-roaring good time
Running Time: 1min 57secs
Kids As Role Models for Parents
Running Time: 0min 51secs
JAMmin' Minute during School-wide Assembly
Running Time: 2min 27secs
JAMmin' MInute - 3rd graders
Running Time: 1min 39secs
Jam Blast Routine featuring Will Shields
Running Time: 4min 8secs
JAMmin' Routine at Regency Place Elem
Running Time: 2min 25secs
JAMmin' Minute in LA schools
Running Time: 2min 28secs
Health E tips JAM School Program on Fox TV
Running Time: 2min 13secs
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